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What price will she pay to be human again?

High school was hard enough for Lesley Robinson, and that was before she sprouted wings, a tail, and devil horns.

She and her witch mother are forced to flee to Misty Hollow, a hidden haven for mythical creatures. As the only half-demon at her new school, Lesley struggles to fit in. Desperate to restore her humanity, she can’t help but be tempted when Asmodeus, chief prince of the demons, gives her a magic necklace with the power to turn her human again. But there’s a catch—it won’t work without the right spell, and he won’t teach Lesley the spell unless she sells him her soul.

Coming October 31st, 2022. Available for pre-order on:

Praise for Only Half Human

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Nathaniel is a nerd from Toledo, Ohio. He is a web developer by day, writer by night. He fell in love with the Young Adult genre after reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and decided to write his own YA story.

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